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Grind Knife Sharpening

PEC San Mateo Chef's 10"

PEC San Mateo Chef's 10"

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The PEC San Mateo series caters to the needs of busy commercial kitchens. It is cost-effective and offers taller blades for a longer life of the knife, which is very important for professional chefs who use these tools every day. Its handles also come in various colors to comport food contamination prevention. The San Mateo chef's knives are also excellent selections for those just starting out in a commercial kitchen or culinary school.

Blade: High-Carbon Stainless-Steel

Bevel (Angle Ratio): Double (50:50)

Handle: White Nylon

CAUTION - All knives with plastic handles can be washed in the dishwasher. However, hand rinsing is recommended. 

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