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Grind Knife Sharpening

Meglio Knives 10" Western Chefs

Meglio Knives 10" Western Chefs

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Meglio Knives is 100% US based. Their operation is ran & owned in a little shop in San Diego County California. All material used for their builds are procured in the USA as well. Yes, that includes the steel!

MagnaCut is pound for pound the best stainless steel in the world at this time. With the use of a specific combination of alloys, Dr. Larrin Thomas formulated a method to limiting the amount of chromium that actually formulates chromium carbides which only serves as a liability within the steel matrix. By doing so, his new stainless steel (MagnaCut) is able to achieve equal corrosion resistances of steels like 20cv. Simply, MagnaCut is able to accomplish both corrosion resistance and toughness as an aggregate where all other stainless steels are incapable.

Blade Material: Magnacut

Blade Coating: None or DLC Black

Handle: G10

Hardware: Titanium

Blade Length: 10”

Overall Length: 15.25”

Spine Thickness: .110”

Bevel Angle: Inside of 20 degrees

Outperforms the following Stainless Steels:

• There isn’t a stainless steel on the market that currently outperforms Magnacut as well as many carbon steels. This includes all the color steels like Hitachi White and Blue etc…

They have LIFETIME warranties on all of their blades outside of pure negligence. They also have FREE LIFETIME maintenance. SO USE YOUR BLADES! Even the super fancy looking ones. They can take it! They provide free LIFETIME sharpening on all of our blades. Provide the postage back to them and they will give your Meglio the full spa treatment (a full sharpening, cleaning under the handle, handle conditioning, and a quick polish on the buffing wheel), 4140 Oceanside Blvd Suite 159, Oceanside, CA 92056 USA

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