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Grind Knife Sharpening

Dragon Storm Honesuki 6"

Dragon Storm Honesuki 6"

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The honesuki, the newest knife in the Storm line, takes its blade shape from the traditional Japanese boning knife, but maintains a double bevel (50:50) grind, seconding it as an excellent board/prep knife suited for all manner of chopping (even rocking), mincing, dicing, and slicing. A truly versatile addition, making an excellent selection, gift, or entry knife for professionals, home chefs, and student of the culinary arts.

Every Dragon knife is crafted with a specific purpose to suit the needs of the modern American kitchen. The habits and preferences of home cooks and professional chefs alike, played a role in shaping each blade, ultimately, to produce tools that perform better and last longer.

The award-winning Dragon Storm line is our latest member of the Dragon cutlery series. Storm effectively blends Japanese and European knife-making traditions with some contemporary innovations.

This synthesis produces the acid etched knife, which performs like a hollow-ground blade, reducing drag in use. Simultaneously balancing a thin blade with a full tang double cast bolster construction, each knife features a mosaic rivet on its handle. The ergonomic and durable handles are made of black G10 – making the knives dishwasher safe, although we do not recommend such treatment. The Dragon hallmark fine-grained metal, BD1N nitrogen steel, with 63 HRC Rockwell hardness delivers a razor-sharp blade with superior edge retention.

Storm is uniquely attractive, high quality, and an affordable selection for anybody looking for excellence on all fronts.


CTS-BD1N nitrogen-infused stainless steel



Bevel (Angle Ratio)

Double (50:50)



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